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Hi AS Team,

where can i change the width of the drop down menu?

Some menu titles are to long for the existing width.
I reduced the fon size to 10px for now, but it would be
better if i could change the menu width.
Hello dakrion,

You have to change it in the template.css file in the following classes:
#header .row1 #topmenu ul
#header .row1 #topmenu ul li

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for the fast response! :-)

Now i got allready the next question.

when i got an image in an article it looks fine,
but images in a modul position or an plugin position
have a frame.


on every link without the home link is a modul with images on the left.

Second example

on the link Bewerber/Stellen i have an article with a plugin that loads a
external php. there is a frame around the images "new" too.

Thank you!
Hello dakrion,
Try to change the border color to the same color as background in the template parameters:

Regards, AS Team.
I've tried that, it is easier to set the border size to 0px.
But then the page design does not look so good.

Is there no way to set the border of the pictures to 0px?

Thank you!
I allready got the next question ;-)

I got a custom modul on position 40.
My problem, i cant center the align of images.

Maybe i'm just a little stupid? :-)

Thank you!
Hello dakrion,
There is no such parameter in the template, you have to write your own css.

Regards, AS Team.
Do you have any idea why the form is being torn apart this way?

How do i get it look like the plugin on the demo site?
On IE8 it looks a bit better as on firefox but not a bit like the demo.

Thanks Dakrion
Hello dakrion,
Which module are you using? If the one which included in the template package please install it in module position-19

Regards, AS Team.
I used the plugin included in the template. In module position 19 it looks better but still not like the demo.

But i don´t want to have it in a modul position, i would like to include it in a content.

Thanks Dakrion
On you see at first module position 19 and then the content.
Hello dakrion,

In the module position 19 please put the following:

<div class="googlemap">{mosmap}</div>

If you still have the same problem please contact us through the "Contact Us" page and provide with an access to the Joomla admin panel.

Regards, AS Team.
The module position 19 looks fine now, but i still need the plugin in the article.
It looks better in the article now too, but i need to move the input button more to the left. changes to the googlemap.css only take effect in module position 19 but not in the artice. Any idea? :-)

Thanks Dakrion
Hello dakrion,
Sorry, it is designed for module positions 16-19 only, as shown on the demo preview, for the content you have to write your own css.

Regards, AS Team


the hight and with of the modul positions 16, 17, 18, and 19 depends on the content. Is it possible to set a static heigth on this modul positions to get an uniform look?

Thanks Dakrion
Hello dakrion,
In this case you have to create your own css and add it into the Custom CSS area in the template parameters.

Regards, AS Team.

Hi AS Team,

i am not sure if i´m a little bit stupid or if there is a mistake in the configuration of the template.

On the home page of the template there is an area called welcome (position 12). I would like to change the color from black to a light grey.

In the configuration of the template the color is allready a light grey (C7C7C7) "Header Configuration Parameters, Welcome, Font color"

But there are no changes on the site and the font color is still black.

If i change the font color of the main component "Main Column Configuration Parameters, Main Component, font color" it works, but then i got the wrong font colors in the main component.

Thanks Dakrion
Hello dakrion,
Thank you for noticing about this problem, we released an update, you can download it from your account and upload on ftp, or you can make changes in the: templates/as002034/params/params.header.php file.
Please replace the following on the lines 106, 107 and 108.

$header_row3_fontcolor = '#' . $this->params->get('header_row3_fontcolor');
$header_row3_linkcolor = '#' . $this->params->get('header_row3_linkcolor');
$header_row3_linkcolorhover = '#' . $this->params->get('header_row3_linkcolorhover');

Regards, AS Team.
Now it works! Thank you! :-)
I got a problem with an component too, but i allready contacted the developer of the component an get the information that my problems are in the template. So i would like to write it here, hope you got an idea.

I use a form component and the captcha gets torn appart by the as templates. i tryed three AS Templates and some other templates.

On this link i have a screenshot of the AS templates AS002034, AS2035Free and AS002036Free and to show how it should look the default templates Beez5 and Beez2.

In the Template 2034 i added #m4jSubmitWrap table tr td input{
width: auto;
in the custom CSS area in the template, so it look better.
If i remove this it would look like AS 2035 and AS2036.

In the default templates everything looks fine.

Thanks Dakrion
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