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I purchased the premium.

How can I rebuild the top menu so that the individual menu points are double-spaced and in align center?

Hello WEB1973,
Can you please provide us with more info, we not quite understand the problem.

Regards, AS Team.

Sorry, I am not an English native.

I also need 6 menu titles. But my single titles are longer than yours.

If use my own titles than the words move out of the menu bar.

That´s why I need to write the single titles in two lines.

Example: "Sales Management Programm" - that´s too long in a single line.

I need it like this to win mor space in width:

"Sales Management

Because this website is a Members Only Site I want to create a start page without the menu bar in the top and bottom. Where can I remove the menus for the single page? I assume I need to copy the entire template and work on this copy and just use this copy as the template for the start page?

Thanks for your help.
Hello WEB1973,
Regarding the menu, it make take us some time for checking and development, we are sorry, but in this case please you have to contact us via the 'Our Services' page, it will cost you some fees.

Regarding the menu assignment, please check the following article, you need the last step: Assign module in the "Menu Assignment" section.

Regards, AS Team.
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