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i have installed the Demo Version of ths template and now i have purchase the premium version i have problem with installation.

0) i have see who not is possiblite to upgrade the demo version :(

1) if i try to install manually the premium version and i try to load the file in to the server it will return me an error about the incorrect installation packet

2) if i try to use the quikstart paket after installation i must activate my template but in the template menu the iten are not present

1. You can't upgrade from demo to premium because demo and premium versions have different structure.
2. Have you unzipped downloaded package before installation? Which zip file you are trying to install?
3. Our suggestion is install the template using quick-start installation package, after installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview, please see the following page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
I tried both ways..

1) i have tryed to install "" by administrative panel and joomla (2.5) return me the message: Server Error - installation package could not be found.

2) i have tryed to use quick-start installation but when i try to install the sample data i have an sqlserver error "can not find xxx_usergrups table"

3) i have tryed to install quick-start installation without to install the sample data the installation work but after i not see in the template panel the voice as2035 of my template to activate it.

Ave you any idea?
Please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel, we have to check this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, another question,

after buying the premium version of template and after installed the template by quick-start installation. i see the same look and feel of the demo version or this ?

Yes, after installing the quick-start installation package your site will look exact like our demo preview.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello i can comunicate in private the access to my admin panel, please sen me a mail to sent the login date.
Please use Special Info area under your Purchased Items section in your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
thanks a lot... i have put my data of panel admin in my special info..
Our suggestion is reinstall the Joomla completely, it looks like you have some problems with the previous installation. Before installing new Joomla please remove all old Joomla files and database tables. Please read the following page regarding how to install Joomla using quick-start installation package:

Regards, AS Team.
i have cleanet all joomla installation, all tables of DB and used your guide in ..
.. and it is impossibile toinstall this template NOT WORK!!! NOT RUN!! i have also try to install the template in manually mode but NOT WORK!!!...

this is the message of quik_start_installation. :

Some errors occurred while populating the database: Table 'm100584d2.jubp2_usergroups' doesn't exist SQL=/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `jubp2_usergroups` ENABLE KEYS */

if you can not find a solution please let let me know how to get a refund of the amount paid.


Please contact us via Support Services page:

and provide us with an access to your server (cPanel).

Regards, AS Team.
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