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Hey guys,

I'm currently trying to add more categories to the filter panel on the projects page. After adding my categories and articles, it doesn't seem to appear on the filter panel. I am currently running the site on localhost so i cant give a Url. If you guys can maybe give me instructions on how to add the categories on the list, i would really appreciate it.

> I have created a total of 5 categories that need to filter in the projects gallery.

> I have already created articles with a category assigned.
Currently we see only 3 sub categories under Our Gallery category, please be sure you have put all created categories under Our Gallery category.

Regards, AS Team.
I have double checked to make sure. All 5 Categories has the "Our Gallery" assigned to them. yet only 2 of them show apart from the "Show All" Filter.

I tried creating new categories and also tried to save one of the working filters as a copy with different name. But still not showing.

Under the category manager it shows all 5 sub categories of "Our Gallery" correctly.

Are there any other settings that i need to adjust apart from adding the categories?

Best Regards,
Managed to sort it out. Thanks for the assistance
Hi Guys,

Is there an easy way to spread the template out more in width over the screen that just the floating table in the centre of the page. My client doesn't like the empty spaces on the left and right of the content. So i want to try and spread it out a bit over width. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, it doesn't have such option.

Regards, AS Team.
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