Hello there,

I'm newbie in web design, I've purchased the 002035 template for my company site, and I would like some advices and indications about modifying the template ...

Let's start with the "Projects" menu from "Main Menu" ...
1) I want to add more tabs with projects (like "meet our stuff"). I tried by myself to add like this (doesn't work): content-> categories-> New under "our gallery"... I don't know how to modify this page.
2) How i can create under a picture, a slide with more pictures?
(let's suppose we click "ARIEL PRISTON" image, and the site opens the picture with a text aligned left/right. I would like to add more pictures instead the text.

In the main page, at 22 position is located a small module "Smart Solutions". I've activated the "read more" button. Please help me change the text of this button.

How I can customize the "main menu" menu? i woluld like to create a "products" menu, like when the pointer it is above, to show a very complex menu of our products and to be possible to show all products that we have. (this is an example: http://www2.donaldson.com/torit/en-us/pages/default.aspx and go above products. ).

This is my site www.alwo.ro

Please don't avoid my message, I need some help. Thank you!

All the best.