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i'm a beginner and try to arrange some of my pages like your example. the problem is that i do not have any idea how you made configurations to reach your layout.
It would be nice to support me with a joomla full install version with your sample installation. it would enable me to see your configuration and to learn what to do. Wouldn't it be easy to do so?

thanks a lot
where can i download the registered update?
Hello Seabusch,
The update you can download from your account, regarding the template installation you have to contact us through the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Dear all,

you wrote that you solved a problem with the buttons. I'm not really sure, because I downloaded the update to solve my problem and after using the research I do have a wrong search button. the word search is below the background picture.

to see the mistake you have to use the serach funktion on your demo. the result is the same....

all the best

Hello seabusch,
Thank You for noticing, we have fixed this issue and uploaded on the server.

Regards, AS Team.
dear all,
I installed a multi language page. on top you will see the flags of joomla but in the back of the flags you will see a part of a graphik. at the bottom of the flags. I would like to delete!

do have any idea where to go?

see it on

thanks a lot

Hello seabusch,
Please add the following class in the tmpl.header.css file or in the custom css area in the template configuration panel:

div.mod-languages ul.lang-inline li
background-image: none;

Regards, AS Team.
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