after quite a long time after purchasing the template, we now started creating our new website, but we are definitely pretty much at the beginning, so probably there might be more issues and questions coming up in future.

Our fist little thing is concerning the breadcrumbs. We would like to have it displayed as a path of course, but on http://cms02.docubizz.de/index.php/impressum you can see that the items are displayed with a line break and with points and checkmarks ahead.

Do you have an idea what we have to change to have a path? We followed the instruction very precisely, but it didn't work yet.

Another question: your sample is very good, we'd like to follow the way you created the menues etc. Is there a chance to get read-only access to the backend of the sample so that we can more easily find out how to create and establish things?

Thanks a lot in advance for you help and best regards