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Hello AS-Templates,

we would like to use your template no. 002035 for our company's website.
Therefore we were testing the free example of this template.
Before purchasing the full version we have a few questions.

Topmenu - position 1
In your demo preview the top menu has a dropdown menu.
Is it correct that this isn't available in the free version?
I'm asking because this point isn't listed in the parameters section on your homepage
but in the item details (jQuery dropdown).
So, how can we implement this in the full version?

Positions 12 to 14
As we couldn't test this in the free version I would like to know,
if the appearance of everything I place at those positions will
immediately look the way like it does in your demo preview.
Or do I have to program something?

Position 5 - Google ads Banner
In the free version the googleads are placed at position 5
but I found no way to turn it off.
Is this possible in the full version?

In the demo the slider has a different size at the HOME or SERVICES page.
I couldn't see any way of setting this in the listed items at the parameter section on your homepage.

Article Pictures
Is the layout of the article pictures (like at the ABOUT US page) automatically defined in Joomla
or are these pictures designed separately (Border and Shadow)?

Thanks for answering our questions
Best Regards

Hello realway,
1. There is no dropdown menu in the free templates.
2. In this case the template documentation will help you a lot, please see the following article with the source code of these positions :
3. There is no googleads in premium version.
4. The services page doesn't have a slider, there is an image published in module position 'slider'.
5. In the template package is included PSD file with all images and borders, you can use it for your images.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I would like to integrate some text in module position 50.
But my text is larger than the width of the module is defined.

Is there any possibility to combine the module positions 50 and 51 into one single position, which than has the width of 50+51 together? The other positions (52 up to 54) should remain.

Thanks in advance and best regards
Marcus Rogalski

Unfortunately, this template does not have such option, it was designed for the separation of 1,2,3, or 4 equal width.
This capability should be developed.
You can get a free quote here:

Regards, AS Team.
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