Joomla! Template 002036 - Item Support

I've just bought this templates, and I don't know how to make side menu with drop down.
Does anybody know how to do that?
Hello b4sia64,
This template doesn't have such option, you have to download and install some extension in your case.

Regards, AS Team.
I've got another question. How I can make more width in button?
I have longer text in button (joomla + vm) and it doesn't look well.

How I can fix this?
Hello b4sia64,
The image has a fixed size, did you try to re-size it in any of image editors?
The image name is: bg.btn.general.png

Regards, AS Team.
You should write this message in description:
"not compatible with virtuemart" !
or fix problem with 'add to cart' button in IE. This is my first time when templates to joomla doesn't work with vm. If I knew this before, I didn't bought this.
Not cool.
This is temporary solution, maybe someone discover something else.
in IE border radius is not working.
To see 'add to cart' button in IE You have to erase part of code in vmsite-ltr.css where border radius is used.

I did it in three places, add to cart border, quantity border and places where You put Your data when You want to buy without registration.

Sorry for my english.

Minus of this sollution - border will be without round corners.
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