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Hi, beautifull template I have just uploaded the paid version.

The images anf psd zips gives me an :Install: Cannot find XML setup file, when I try to install, I see no image in the home page.

What I am doing wrong?

This is my site
Hello theexpatsalon,
You have to install file and files only, the images from file you have upload via FTP in the images/sampledata/as002036 folder.
Please see the following article for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
how do I change the colors of the menus in the home page and in the rest of the website, can i do this from the parameters in the template?,

Hello theexpatsalon,
There is no such parameter in the template, you have to change it by editing background images, the images you can find in psd files included in the package.

Regards, AS Team.
It seems that to modify the template 002036 its to difficult for me, I have been looking at the other templates and I would like to change it for the template, 002004 is available for joomla 2.5.4 and the colors are easy to modify to what I need, I cannot modify PSD files or do complicate things to get the colors I need.

Thanks in Advance

Sorry, the 002004 is not compatible with Joomla 2.5
What colors do you prefer to have on your site? You may contact us through the 'Our Services' page to discuss your needs.

Regards, AS Team.
I need to know if one of the other 2.5 jommla templates have an easy way to modify the color set of the template without having to modify a psd, maybe just changing it in the CSS file.

Can I change the menu colors of the 002036 template modifying the CSS?
You can check 002032 template.
The menu colors in template 002036 can't be changed just in the css.

Regards, AS Team.
I need to change thsi template for other that not use images for menus, ineed to change the colors of the layout from the parameters of the template or the CSS.

Could you please tell me which of the 2.5 available templates in your site do not use images for menus, layout, and and logos, but CSS.
In all our templates we have images/background/icons that should be changed depends on your needs.

Regards, AS Team.
You say that the menu colors cannot "just" be changed in the CSS.

That means that I must modify the CSS and other files or images to modify the menu colors?

If the answer is yes please could you tell me which files or images besides the CSS I have to modify to change the menu colors?
You will need to change not only menu colors, you will need to change also button colors, listimages and some backgrounds.
All images you can find in: templates/as002036/images on our servers.

Regards, AS Team.
Could you please be specific

Tell me exactly the names of the files I must modify to change just the menu colors anything else.

There are 7 Css files in the tempale.

Which of them must I modify to change the menu colors?

If I must modify files and images to modify the menu colors explain that too and which images please.
It can't be done in CSS files, you have to edit the following images:


Sorry, we are not able to explain how to work with psd files, please refer to the photoshop documentation.

Regards, AS Team.
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