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I downloaded the free version to see if i liked it. And i think i like it..
But i wonder......
When i refresh my startpage, the menu buttons are flashing above the naturel circle.. Anoying.
Will that dissepear if i buy the template ?
We don't see any 'flashing' problems, do you see it on our demo preview page?

Regards, AS Team.
I see it on my free version that i downloaded, and i see it in your demo preview page.. And its not only me. My friend who build pages like this se it really good as well.. If you dont see it i wonder how, because i see it in Chroome and firefox. I even took a screenshoot of it. It shows when you refresh your page, right before the circle shows, the menu shows where the circle should be...
Do you mean it happens only on the page refresh? If so, that is OK, because it should reload all settings/parameters and centralize the menu.

Regards, AS Team.
Sorry for my english, hope someone understands :-)
Finally sat down working on my page.. Finally desidet and got pleased on my design. Then it happens.. In firefox the mainpage looks good, but in chroome it dosent rezise like it should so its to big...
My page is

Hope someone can help because in the template it says : Cross browser compatibility. Where do i correct it ?
We checked your site in all browsers, it looks good in each browser, there is no problem with resizing the background image on the home page.
Try to open it on another PC and check, we think you have some problems with your computer.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you so mutch for answering, and understanding my english :-)
But i have tryed looking at in it other computers now, with same result. In firefox i can see the whole frontpage, but in chrome it cuts away a couple of cm on the right side. If i download something in chroome so i get a new line under the mainsreen then it suddently is correct. And this happens on the 5 diffrent pc i have tryed...
Trying to ask nice one more time. Because now i got people all around the world to check my page, and all exept for one friend who has a 21" screen says the same. It cuts of the frontpage in chrome. I installed all the original script back, and still the same error. So please tell me where to correct this error, and i will try my best to learn how to do it. I have been using so many hours now, and i really dont know how to fix it.
Sorry, we checked it with monitors 17" and more, it looks fine.

Regards, AS Team.
I have almost given up, Can you help me if i pay for the template ? This is so stupid i dont have words.. So many people have looked at my frontpage. They all can see that my face on the last pic is cut off. But YOU cant see that and tells me everything is OK. Everything isent ok. Everything is ok in firefox and ie, but NOT in Chrome. And i really dont understand why only you and 1 of my friends se it normal, and i and now about 50 of my friends see the face cut of.. Something is wrong with the coding in the template,. We are not 50 people with computers with error. At least tell me witch page to lookm in so i can try do something with it. I dont want to change template, because i really love this one.
Sorry, there is nothing wrong with the template, as you see the demo preview looks fine. Our support team is not able to provide help with customization or modifications, especially for free templates.

In this case you have to ask for our services:

Regards, AS Team.
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