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I want to ask you to give as much information you can regarding the two different menus one for the splash screen and one for the rest of the site.I cannot understand how can i create these two menus and make work like your demo site.I cannot provide you with a link due to my site is now locally build with wamp.i saw that a lot of people are asking about this.I have purchased the template and i want to use it as soon as possible.
Any information will be much appreciated

Next update with quick start package will be soon.

Regards, AS Team.
We have updated the template with a quickstart installation package which will help you install the template so it will looks exact like the demo preview. Please see the following article for more info:

The latest release you can download from your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
I am trying to install the as002036_quickstart but i am following the following situation:
Steps i follow in order to proceed with the installation:
1. installation is locally using wamp
2.Extract the zip file into the folder i have create ex. c:/wamp/www/joomla
3. open my browser typing localhost/joomla
4.instead of seeing the first screen of the installation procedure where i have to choose which language i prefer i get the final screen of the installation where a message prompts me to delete the installation folder otherwise i cannot proceed.
5. i cannot access the site or the administrator and if i delete the installation folder i get an error message.
Any information will be much appreciated.
Sorry for that, please delete the configuration.php file from the root folder and run installation one more time.

Regards, AS Team.
We have updated the quickstart package, our suggestion is download it from your AS account and install one more time, it should work now without any problems, we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you very much for your quick and prompt reply.One of the best support ever face.
You're welcome!

Regards, AS Team.
I want to ask how can i change the dimension of the slide show.The 685 x 171 gives me a lot of trouble in order to find and use proper photos.

Thank you in advance

Please, provide us with Your URL.

Regards, AS Team.
My site is still under construction and i work with it locally so i cannot provide you the url yet.It will be very helpful if i can change the dimension of the slide show.

Thank you in advance

Sorry we can not help you in this case, we have to see your site.

Regards, AS Team.

I want to ask if i can have captcha-recaptcha to my contact form.I have enabled the plugin and setup the keys but i cannot see the captcha in the contact form,is there anything else i can do?

Thank you in advance

A search button for the comments will be very helpful because it is difficult to read all 603 up to now comments in order to see if someone else has asked the same thing
Hello again
Problem with captcha solved.The problem was that i had a big time for cache so i didn;t see the changes.

Thank you anyway and add a search for the comments.
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