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Just purchased this item and uploaded to my newly installed Joomla site. When I browse to I get the template installation page but it is on the last step telling me to remove the installation folder and I cannot seem to get it to start over.

Hello BRIANM11,
Yes, that's right, you have to delete the installation folder before you can start browsing your site, please refer to the Joomla documentation for more info:!

Regards, AS Team.
But I have not yet been through the configuration (ie. language, pre-installation check, license, database, FTP config, configuration, etc).

According to your documentation this all should occur before I delete the installation folder.
Hello BRIANM11,
Strange, please check, maybe do you have a wrong URL, or you have 2 Joomla on your server.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for the suggestions. Understand that i am no amateur at this.

Here are the steps I took to get this set up:

- I started with a clean server (godaddy hosted).

- Installed Joomla from scratch without the sample data (using godaddys application installer).

-Uploaded the quickstart template as a ZIP file.

-Unzipped it to the root of the web server and allowed it to overwrite existing files.

- Opened my browser to and I get the final step in the installation process.

I know I must be missing something because this is happening exactly the same way to another server with a different template of yours.
Hello BRIANM11,
You have install the quick-start package on 'clean server', please do not install any godaddy packages.

Regards, AS Team.
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