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im very interested in this nice template here. i'm playing around a bit with it to figure out if it fit my needs. if it does, i want to buy a regular license for my homepage...

but i'm facing some problems on my testsite:

first thing is: i made some submenus at top menu entry "Sample Sites" and a new top menu entry called "1234" again with 2 sub menu entries.

problem is, if i'm on the home page and i hover over these two top menu entries, no drop down menu appears. if i click on "Sample Sites" and then hover over "Sample Sites" the sub menu entries are appearing as a drop down menu. same thing happens with the new added menu entry "1234".

why there is no drop down menu on start page ?

second thing is: if i click on the new added top menu entry "1234" and then hover over "1234" the drop down menu appears, but it flickers like hell when i try to click on the sub menu entries.
this happens only to "1234". top menu entry "Sample Sites" and the sub menu entries is showing like they should...

how can i fix this ?

thanks in advance
Hello QLINK99,
Please see the following article, step 7:

Regards, AS Team.
the step 7 article describes how someone can add a new menu right ?

i don't want to add a new menu, i just want to add a new menu entry to an existing menu (top menu in my case).
so i don't see how this article can help me solving my problem or do i miss something ?
ohhh, now i got it ! :)

ok so this solved my first problem !

thanks guys!

but my second problem concerning the flickering of the new added menu entry "1234" is still remaining.
any idea how to fix this ?

are you still figuring out what's causing the flickering problem, which i described above, or did you just overread it ?

"second thing is: if i click on the new added top menu entry "1234" and then hover over "1234" the drop down menu appears, but it flickers like hell when i try to click on the sub menu entries.
this happens only to "1234". top menu entry "Sample Sites" and the sub menu entries is showing like they should...

how can i fix this ?"

you can check the flickering out on
Hello QLINK99,
We are sorry, we are not able to provide a free support to the free version, thank You for understanding.

Regards, AS Team.
:-| so if i would buy a license, you would tell me how to fix the flickering problem ?
Hello QLINK99,
If it is related to the template, please see our terms of use for more info.

Regards, AS Team.
I just can guess it's template related. Sadly i'm no joomla pro, who can answer this for sure.
All i did was adding another top menu entry with two submenu entries.
What else could be the problem if not the template ? Can i do something wrong by adding a menu entry in backend ?
I'm willing to buy a license of this template, cause i still like it very much, but i just want to know for sure, if you think we can sort out this flickering problem. Otherwise i would have wasted my money.
I hope you can understand my situation.
Hello QLINK99,
Do you see any problems with our preview page?

Regards, AS Team.
:) good argument.

3 last questions before i purchase a license.

1. will this template be updated to Joomla 3.5 LTS which should be released in september 2013 ?

2. is it possible to change the backgroundcolor of the drop down menus ?

3. is there a way to pay without a creditcard ? my paypal account tells me that i need a creditcard to pay the bill :-|
Hello QLINK99,
1. Yes, but it may take some time.
2. Yes, you can do it using template parameters:
3. Sorry, we can't help you here :)

Regards, AS Team.
Hi guys,

i'm having 3 problems. i hope you can help me to sort them out.

first: i edited your sample site to fit my needs, but on one subpage i can't get the "read more" function working properly.
if i click on the "read more" button, the additional text appears, but when clicking on the "close" button, it doesn't close. it just stays at it is...
here is the link:

column "A" called "komfortabler" is where i'm experimenting and can't get it working.

second: is it possible to remove the breadcrumbs function ? if i do so, the lower part of the page moves into the slider position.
if it's not possible to remove it, then maybe you can tell me how to not display the categories in the breadcrumbs field. i'm talking about "Leistungen" right below the company logo, if you click the link above, which i posted above.

third: is it possible to change the font size over the whole homepage ?
it's a bit too small for my needs.

thanks in advance.
Hello QLINK99,
Please provide us with your site url, we have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
i inserted the site url in my previous post...

did you overread it, or do you need access to the backend ?

here you have it again:
Hello QLINK99,

1. We do not see that you have put any links, currently you have:
<a class="right readmore" href="#">READ MORE</a>

you should replace it with something like:
<a class="right readmore" href="">READ MORE</a>

We do not see any CLOSE functionality on your site, have you developed any script? Out template doesn't have such.

2. In the tmpl.header.css file please find the following class (line 46)

padding: 13px 0 0;

and add 'display' property like the following:

display: none;
padding: 13px 0 0;

Regards, AS Team.
the code in the modul is following:

<div class="modtoggle_preview pos12">
<p class="intro"><img class="left" src="templates/as002037/images/ico.a.png" width="42" /> texttexttext</p>
<p class="btn_open right readmore modtoggle pos12">READ MORE</p>
<div class="modtoggle_content pos12"><img class="left" src="templates/as002037/images/ico.a.png" width="42" /> texttexttext and more text
<div class="modtoggle_preview pos12">
<p class="btn_close right readmore modtoggle pos12">CLOSE</p>

i haven't developed a script, i just copied the code from another module, where the "read more" and "close" function works fine.

i also tried your suggestion regarding the tmpl.header.css.

i edited it to the following:

display: none;
padding: 13px 0px 0px 0px;

but it doesn't seem to work. it still shows the category in the breadcrumbs line...
Hello QLINK99,
Please provide us with an access to the Joomla admin panel, we have to check this issue. You can put it in your comment, the info will not be published.

Regards, AS Team
Hello QLINK99,
The feature works in positions 12 -15 only, we made some changes please check.

Regards, AS Team.
YEAH ! Thank you so much for fixing it !

It works now ! :)

Breadcrumbs text is also gone :)

so now just one last question:

is it possible to change the font size of the whole homepage ?
i want to make it a bit bigger.

where can i achieve this ?

best greets
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