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Please urgent help can not install template file AS002037_quickstart. What can the have emulate? Have tried it with Windows and Mac but I can not.
Many thanks in advance for your help
What exact problem do you have? Did you check the template documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
Yes bought the template. if I want to install quickstart joomla an error message comes from the xml file is not found.
Joomla with filezilla have deleted and reinstalled. must install the template quickstart with filezilla in joomla? if so to what folder I need to have it?
the video turtorial I did not understand.

Many times already, thanks for your help.

Excuse my English use a translator
You can't install the quick-start package from Joomla Sxtensions Manager panel, a quickstart is basically a fully functional and customized Joomla! package containing the default Joomla installation package, all modules, choosen template and plugins with all the configurations and data in one place. The sample data in the quickstart package is also personalised according to the template and is much different to the sample data found in the default Joomla package.
Please see the following page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
Excuse mine asks I am like is able to do quickstart it is not a matter installing with filezilla?
Am I able to do with Joomla Sxtensions installation like must I go forward?
I have to me everything on the Seite id=125&page=howto looked and to me also the video does not get respectably it, nevertheless, there maybe I am too stupid for it :-)
The quick-start package you have upload on your site using FTP client only, (like Filezilla), unzip and the proceed with installation accordingly to How to Page.

Regards, AS Team.
OK many thanks to my question I must insert the quickstart file into a specific folder if I transfer it via ftp client (FileZilla) on my page?
need the quick start to insert file as a zip file in joomla or must it previously unzipped and so be inserted?

Thank you and greetings

If you have direct access to your server via cPanel or PleaskPanel then you can upload the file and unzip the zip directly on the server. Its much faster! If you don't have it, the package should be unzipped on your localhost and then uploaded on the server.

Regards, AS Team.
This time to many thanks to it has done(fixed) :-)
one asks I still have like can I change the colour of the Slider?
You can do it by changing the background pattern using the extension parameters, please see the following page for all available parameters.

Regards, AS Team.
hi did not know even know where I can find it position 2 Clear
In this template position 2 is designed for breadcrumbs module, please see the following page for all available module positions:

Regards, AS Team.
need another help. I'd really like to change only the background of the foot of the background where there OUR SERVICES, find us, and so on stands. I would not change a color but with a picture where I can do that? many times already, thanks for the help
Please provide us with your site url, we will check and let you know if it is possible.

Regards, AS Team.
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