I Turgay Ozturk, open a new consulting firm in Turkey to promote Russian and international companies in entering the Turkish market. For online site to review all templates Joomla developers and closer to the spirit of my company decided to work with you, assessing your professionalism.
I am going to buy you a template with numbers: 002037 , but before you buy have no desire to use your services design template. I want to change the template and have their text content to the template, can I give you the texts that you in spirit and professionalism of the company made changes to the template and customize the text and images, modules?
Is it possible to make a Flash intro before loading site with the background pattern and also instead of AS Moo Image Slider in the template professional flash screensaver?
Here are all my orders on how much money is that I could determine my budget?

With respect and hopefully prosperous future work.
Turgay Ozturk.