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I bought the template thise morning.
I use joomla 2.5.6 and and i can't install the template ! When i click on "send and install" after a few minutes the archive disappers, there's no message and the template is nowhere ?!

Why ?

thanks for your answer
Hello ALPI30240,

Please read and follow instruction :

Regards, AS Team.

I would like to replicate the original site but I can not find how to put the parties "Give us a chance" and "We have proposals"?! Is this module? if so what are their exact tomography? Positions 42 and 47 are not correct according to me.
Thank you for your help.

Hello ALPI30240,
Where in our demo preview do you see the "Give us a chance" and "We have proposals" modules, thank You.

Regards, AS Team.

in the center !
Hello ALPI30240,
The examples of the source code you can find on the following page:

Please look for 'Main Column - Positions 20 - Custom HTML Module'

In case to have the template looks like our demo preview, our suggestion is install it using the quick-start package, please see the following page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks team,

Unfortunatelly, I have bought the premium version before the quick-start version !
I'm going to see with the source code.

Regards, Alpi

I'd like to install PIWIK but I don'y know how to :
Click on "edit the main page template".
Find the </ body> (keys control + f) and positioned just above.
Insert the tracking code then "save and close"

Hello ALPI30240,
Sorry, the PIWIK is not our product, you have contact the extension developer.

Regards, AS Team.

Where is the page of the article layout ??? is now : !

I need it.

Hello ALPI30240,
Please check this one:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for your answer but it's not ok !
How to integrate a toggle ?
Where are the codes for create the column in an article ?
The page disappeard and I need it queekly !
your link is for "module positions" not article layout.
Hello ALPI30240,
You can use the template documentation or preview the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Ok. Perfect !

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