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I need to develop a multilanguage site. I'm trying to do so both by quickstart and blank installation of premium, but I have problems in getting the curvy colored band below the slider.
I cannot keep the home main menu item for my site, it will remain as "all languages hidden main menu", and I cannot understand how to replicate the curvy band, which module or position it belongs. Could you explain?
We are sorry, regarding installation multilingual site you have refer to Joomla documentation or you can ask for our services.

Please provide us with more info regarding problem with 'the curvy colored band below the slider', as well your site url.

Regards, AS Team.
I understood the problem now but I don't know how to fix it: in this template a unique body background is defined only for home (by .body__home .wrapper-featured-top and .body__home .wrapper-featured-bottom, that introduce two curvy background elements).
I found this in tmpl.default.css.
In a multilingual site there is a home for every language, but only the "main menu home" of all languages, that is kept unpublished in a multilingual site, can show the curvy elements in background.
As it is, this background is not suitable for multilingual sites, unless you accept not to have the home like in quickstart, but this is the more interesting feature of the template to me.
Any hint? Thank you
I don't know if I explained clearly. I perfectly know how to set up a multilingual joomla site. I want to point out that this template is not suitable for multilingual sites.
The quickstart home page design, that is very nice, with the curvy band below the slider, cannot be replicated in other pages of the site.
A multilingual site must have a home for every language, so I don't see a solution...
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