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I intended to purchase a template,
but, in IE8 of Windows XP, six pieces of images are not displayed.

Will you revise this?
Thank you for an answer.

I use the latest browser,
but it is still awkward for a user that there is much IE6-8.

There are many companies using windows XP, and, in Japan,
the most cannot yet update the browser of the company in individuals.

Then, in the same way as IE7, can you display "Please update to a modern browser" page in IE8?
And can I change the "Please update to a modern browser" page to the Japanese?

1. Will you display "update browser" message in IE8?
2. Is the "update browser" page customizable?

Please teach these two points!
Thank you for an answer.

Windows XP cannot do the update to IE9.
Therefore the people using IE8 in WindowsX cannot look at this site.

But you cannot confirm IE of XP when you do not have Windows XP.
I know that work to revise it is very difficult... :'-)

It is very regrettable, I give up to buy this template.
Because, because I wanted to make a site immediately.

However, Thank you for your positive message.
I want to check this template in future in IE8 when I noticed.
Please do its best!

*Because I captured a page of IE8(XP), please refer to it.
ZooBlog (
LightboxGallery (
SpotlightGallery (

*After checking the URL, in this message, please delete it*
Thank you!! :-]
Thank you for your reply.

Because I think a very good template,
rework, please do your best!

I wanted to renewal my site.(
I thought when I saw this template, and very becoming.
※ part header, I thought it was an interesting idea.

but... I'm so sorry.
In addition, there is a chance then, thank you.

Write a comment many times, I'm sorry.
and... I'm sorry I can not write English well.

Thank you very much!!
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