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Hi, I am considering to purchase this template, therefore wanted to get more details about it.

Can we use image gallery ( slide show on front page) with 4 images ( not six like on demo site )?
Can we use different image selections for slideshow on different pages ?
Example, create the image gallery with 4 images (each responsive image is linked to another page) in homepage and use 6 image gallery in other pages of the site ?

Also do you have free version of this template to test it ?
Thank you.
Hi, I am having problem with Pay Pal. May I make payment using Monergram or Western Union ? I am going to be sending money from Turkey.
Hi . I am still waiting for your reply regarding alternative forms of payment ( moneygram, western union)
Solved the problem with PayPal and downloaded the template. Thanks for your great work with template.
I am just having problem with installing com_alfcontact extension on my Joomla 3.0X ( on a local host).
Also, can you guide me through steps to create Slideshow with four symmetric images in center of a page. Where to insert the dimensions and what are the right dimensions ?

The site that uses matrix template is not displayed as a full screen and some menues are not showing up on mobile phones. How can I fix it ?
I also bought 002027 template from you and it is working perfectly on mobiles and on PC.

There is no area where I can change background pattern on my template admin. Here is what I have:

I checked templateDetails.xml file top line : <name>matrix25</name>
path is: <fields name="params" addfieldpath="/templates/matrix25/warp/systems/joomla/config/elements">
<fieldset name="basic">

Is there anything missing ?
check out the:

Global Real Estate section.

I like the way Global Trade section renders. I used your 002027 template there.
Did you take a look at matrix template ? Is it possible to make it display just like 002027 template ?
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It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
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