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I've Just purchased this template and Just installed on my Joomla Space.
Only that It's happened an AUTHOMATIC VERSION CHANGE in Joomla version.
I mean: Yesterday I installed the LAST Joomla stabkle version 2.5.17 and now, after installing the template Martrix the version looks like 2.5.8 (?)

Do you think it depends from the template installation?

Thank You in Advance,
thank you for your answer. I solved the problem with Joomla version, Fortunately It was only a cache memory problem!

Many Thanks again,
Hi there,
I've a problem with Captify Content Module; I tried to discover more on web in several forum but the news referring to previous Joomla version.
The problem is that it gives me "Error! Unable to retrieve any Images!".
I tried to follow instructions:
- I've created the folder /images/stories that before dindn't appear and I put images there
- I checked the JB library is ON
- I created some example categories and I've associated an image

What else? Which coukld be the problem?
Many Thanks in advance
please where I can find inside the template, the following:
- Newsletter subscriber module
- Social sites display and comments for articles display
- Google maps
- Three styles of pricing boxes
- Three pricing tables styles
I searched through components and modules and I read the little user manual but I don't find nothing related to these arguments.
Please could you let me know?
Thanks, Ametista
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Matrix PT
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