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Hello, I purchased this template, but when I tried to install it (after upload quickstart package), I had only blank screen. I tried two absolutely different hosting and upload it to hosting, where all other templates are working, your older templates too.

Hosting have PHP 5.4 as you mentioned in manual. So please help me, how to install it.

Thank you.
Hello, I made clear installation. I took downloaded quickstart package, unzipped it and files from this quickstart package uploaded to server, then tried to install it by acces to relevant page in browser, then I´ve got only blank page. I´ve tried this on two different hostings, so I suppose there is no problem with my hosting, but there is some problem in quickstart package.

For completeness, on same hosting I´ve installed over ten different quickstart packages of joomla from version 2.5 to 3.3.6 with different templates and all of this are working to this day.

Can you please help me? Thanks .
Hello, I´ts ok. Shame on me. I didn´t expect "index.html" in the root and
I overlooked it. I never seen this file there.

So thank's for your time. Regards

Item Name:
Matrix PT
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Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
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