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Hello - brand new to Joomla! so no doubt all the following will be down to finger trouble! Have installed Joomla1 V3 and purchased this Template which looks to be just what I need. I think I installed it but that's not especially clear given that there are numerous zipped folders within the initial folder, I simply tried to install the three folder under but I was able to follow the Quick Customisation P9 Matrix User Manual so I guess I did so...

However I certainly don't see anything that resembles the demo site I just get a very simple Page with the word 'HOME' on it.

Help - what have I missed?

To partially answer my own question I now see that there are even more zipped folders than I thought. The first one I've found being ALFContact but that's note very clear as to what is expected of me - what do I do next Go to ALFContact Manager or what? So, perhaps it would help me and indeed others that follow to expand (excuse the pun) on just what the steps are to fully install this package?

Just to follow-up. I still don't see anything other than a very simple 'Welcome' on the home page. I am expecting to see the complete site as per the demonstration which I would then be free to modify and learn the basics of Joomla! Is that what should happen - am I being realistic?

I assume that any of the previous contributors would be able to answer the second question - what do you see following installation of the template?

I guess there is a plea here for a generalisation / implementation type of support message board/forum.

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Matrix PT
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