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Hi guys,
I just bought the 002047 - Regular License Template.
I want to get rid of the "Featured Products" on the Main Page. How can I do?
I diabled all Modules exept the Menu and all Articels, but those "Featured Products" are still there.
The /?tp=1 command gives me the information thats on Position 21, but in the Modules there is no Position 21 which I can deactivate.
Could you please tell me how it works?

Thank you

What is your site url please?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS-Team,
the site isn't online yet. I installed it locally mit XAMPP. It looks exactly like your demo site
Meanwhile I realized that the "Featured Products" is not within a module as I expected first. It must be either an acrticel or hardcoded somewhere in any of the *.php files.

Regards Charly
Hi AS-Team,

I found it by myself. It's a setting in Virtuemart itself "Show Featured" in the Configuration settings.

BR Charly
Hi guys,
I just bought the 002047 - Regular License Template.
After a couple of days setting up a webshop, I realized that the "unit price" as amount is not shown in the cart. All other calculations are correct.

I installed a 2nd fresh copy and noticed that even in your own template whithout any changes the "unit price" is NOT shown.
Could you please give me a hint where tochange what.

Thank you

P.S: I don't have an URL yet. Just check your own fresh template.
Can you please provide us with more info? In this templates we are not using any unit prices.

Regards, AS Team.
When you look at the cart headlines you see the following:

Name / SKU / Price / Quantity / Update / Tax / Discount / Total

All data will show up exept the price as 3rd entry. So if you're NOT using the unit price why "price" it's shown in the headline?

Just tell me which file I have to modify go get this "unit price" show up. (some of your templates do it)

Thank you.

Please read this article :

Regards, AS Team.
Please guys, don't drive me crazy. Is my question so difficult to understand?
Even within "configuration - pricing" having the "Unit price" checked it will NOT be shown in the CART.
The question is why? (because in some other templates from AS it does... even on the demo sites)

BR Charly
Can you please provide us with a screenshot to the problem? The screenshot you can upload on your server and let us know the url.

Regards, AS Team.
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