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It should be OK now, please check.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes it is, thank you very much

I need to change Virtuemart language to Russian, because now there are such things as "Price with discount", etc. in English. How to change or rewrite it?

Maybe I should install some lang package (in this case I'm not sure if it wouldn't break everything again, could you please do it?)

Thank you
Most secure way is to translate VirtueMart constants, all these constants you can find on your server in the 'languge/en-GB' folder, look for files like:, open each and edit.

Regards, AS Team.

Where can i get some virtuemart manuals or something?
I need to configure the internet shop, enable some sort of payment methods, for ex. payment with Mastercard/Visa cards, etc. How to do that? Is this a built-in option or I've got to install some plugins?
All manuals you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you

And I found a strange little problem on this page:

there is a confirm button, and it has so small height that the words can't be seen. I tried to change the height in style.default.css, but it didn't help
What's wrong with this button?

Please , check it now.

Regards, AS Team.
And also two problems: one big and one small

1. When I create VM Category and go to Internet shop main page (INTERNET MAGAZIN), there is a new box of this new category and its URL looks like But since this page does not exist, this URL leads to nowhere, while the needed page has URL like that:
I created "Test" category, and can't open it from the shop main page.
If it helps: when the SEF is turned off in global settings, everything works. But I need SEF.

2. There is a little picture of a cart on top of every page of the shop, it says total price or that the cart is empty.
Where are its settings? What's that, a module? I need it on every page, and it is now only on all the old pages, that I didn't create (like Stethoscops. etc.)

Thank you

1. Category test is visible and work fine. did you try put same product in it.

2. check it now, you should assign VirtueMart Korzina in module manager.

Regards, AS Team.

The button is okay, thank you. And I found the Shopping cart module now.
But new categories still don't work: there are missing "/internet-shop" in URLs.
When I choose "Top level category" in Category ordering, a new URL must be like "index.php/internet-shop/new-name", but it is like "index.php/new-name". - is not what the page should look like, - this is.
But the link from the shop main page leads to the first one and I can't change it anywhere.
Nevermind, I got it, it starts working after the menu item is created. Sorry to bother you.

Best wishes, Anna

2014-08-20 I asked you about the button in the cart. And after you fixed it all the buttons with "readmore" class were kind of changed too. Button text was vertically centered before, now it's not. And also those buttons have larger height and don't look as good as in the demo preview anymore.
Can you do something about it?
Thank you
Best wishes

Please provide us with page link and more information.

Regards, AS Team.

For example on the main page:
Just compare the height of the buttons there and in the demo version.
Font size is the same, but button size became different to what it was before.
And once again: the promlem was with the button in the cart, it had very small height. After you fixed it, all the buttons became larger and button text is not centered anymore, it doesn't look nice.

Look at the difference in the picture (the scale is the same):

Best wishes,

Please, check it now.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks, now it's better
But they are still about 1 pixel larger, but it's OK:)

Best wishes,
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