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Is there a recommended PHP version when using this AS002048 template??

I am Joomla 3.3.3
PHP version 5.4.31
mySQL 5.5.3-cll-lve

They are inferring that I am getting slow loads with long waits because my simple site per above is taking a long time to process..... and maybe bad interaction between template and PHP...

though they also say they have a high server load right now.....

so I am running it down..... pretty new to this stuff....!/c0Kfzl/
This site was showing LONG waits at the first to segments of waterfall, then fast loading...

local speed tests show pings around 14ms and 20-33Mbps download... 100-12Mbps upload... no issue

I am seeing 20-60 seconds to save a simple joomla article... and sometimes times out.... in the past it was 4-8 seconds.

Web site is slow per above.

Help is appreciated....
Joomla requirements you can find here:

GoDaddy is good company, we have few servers from them, it depends on the package you ordered, try to upgrade it to better, or ask to move your space to another server.

Regards, AS Team.

Is there a recommended PHP version when using this AS002048 template??
So... I guess the answer to the question is what I am using is just fine since it is in the requirement.....

We created a simple site (blank/fresh/independent?? )with default joomla templates and stuff... and it is still slow.....

If this one is slow, and is independent (is it full free of the databases in its sub domain?), seems there would be no point in destroying the site and rebuilding it...?

I have pushed the joomla button to take the site offline.... and just post the message... and it is still slow. (Long wait times)

We put up this... and it goes pretty fast....

simply loads that tiny file.

May not be template? but any insight would be appreciated..... and godaddy's server still shows the red ! and a 28 out of 24 load.....

As we suggested you in our previous post ask Go Daddy move your domain to other server, there is definitely problem with the server, or you can try another hosting provider. Sorry, we can't help you in this case.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes, Of course I have spent much time wit Go Daddy and so far they refuse... (and the load is still in the red) looks like I may well be looking for another provider... Thanks anyway...
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