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Hello AS Team

I have a problem on one of the template
I have 2 menu (they are two different module) that display correctly on desktop version where I want but on mobile my second menu is at the bottom of the page and I want to change it to be with the first menu.

I didn't find any line refering about mobile, so maybe I'm missing something, any solution about that ?
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.

Je désire savoir si il est possible d'afficher le menu mobile comme sur le template 2064? (Les 3 petit trait en haut à droite)

Autre question, quand j'utilise le module AS ArtSlider si je met la taille à 100% les images sont beaucoups plus grande que la taille des images réel. Si je passe le paramétre à 30% j'ai la bonne taille d'affichage par contre mes images sont pixelisé. Comment faire ?

Désolé pour mon anglais ;()



I want to know if it is possible to display the mobile menu as on the template 2064? (The 3 small lines at the top right)

Another question, when I use the AS ArtSlider module if I put the size at 100% the images are much larger than the actual image size. If I pass the parameter at 30% I have the right size of display by cons my pictures are pixelated. How to do ?

Sorry for my English ;()

Français :

le site est en maintenance, je peux vous fournir des identifiants. Je peux vous les transmette en message privée ?

English :
The site is in maintenance, I can provide you with identifiers. Can I send them to you as a private message?
1. In the template 002064 is used another menu extension.
2. Try to use the same image size like in our demo preview 1132x269 px, the slider height you have to set to 30%.

Regards, AS Team.
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