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I have just purchased your 'Uninature' template.

I have uploaded the quick start package but I am having problems with it.

The installation process keeps looping round on the final step. When I click on 'Install' it goes through the process of creating the database tables etc but then goes back to step 3 'Overview', of the installation.

Can you help please? This is quite urgent.

Kind regards


Thank you, that's great.

I am not receiving e-mail notifications for messages that I post and are responded to on here. Could you take a look for me please?

Also, do you have an image of the module positions for this template? I am struggling trying to turn off the drop down module at the very top of the home page.

Kind regards

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I have changed 'System Output' to 'Yes' in the template settings and now articles are displaying. Weird?

I cannot find the setting to activate the module positions in the template settings as you suggested. Where do I type '?tp=1' ?

Kind regards

How can I turn off the little grey line that is above the content in most of the pages.

The image looks like lots of grey forward slashes, like this:


What's the module name for this? I would like to remove it.

Kind regards


p.s. I am still not receiving notifications from this system when you reply

I am having lots of problems with this template I am afraid.

The quickstart package has been installed but:

1. In the Control Panel I am unable to update Joomla
2. When I try and change the profile in the 'Template' area, I get a 'Cannot Save' error

Please could you help me as soon as possible.

The username and password are in my account on here.

In addition, could you please e-mail me when you respond please? I am still not receiving e-mails from this site.
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Uninature PT
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