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Can you give me a eMail adress I will send you the invoice.
Hi Team,
My employee KREIDEI has a problem with
The responsive design did not show any menu on a phone display.
Thanx a lot.


I purchased and installed this template from "template" folder. Unfortunately, the buttons "Save" and "Save&Close" don't work with this template whereas they are OK with other templates. So, I cannot activate Uninature theme. Can you help?
In January I both your template Uninature. Lately you have changed the design. In your old version you were using the moving pictures module - located on the bottom -above the black slat. Would you be so kind and let me know the name of this modul? I would realy appreciate it. Thank you very much for your quick response. Best regards, Petra

I just bought your template - and I'm very satisfied. But I have one question.
How can I get rid of "WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW" sentence on the Home Page / home page articles?
I've checked modules, categories.. cannot find it in any place.

Kindest regards

I wonder Is there a way to get fixed blog item height in category blogs?
Every article in blog category has different hight (depending of the intro text).
First line (3 columns in my case) looks perfect but other rows beneath aren't ok...
My solution would be to get a fixed size of every article in blog category article class uk-article...

kindest regards
Would be gratefull to do so or to give a tip how to..
Here is my work site -

kindest regards

already sent you login details at info at primertemplates

kindest regards

I bought your template Uninature PT - Extended Licence.

I'm having problems with Unite Revolution Slider 2 - suddenly stopped working (from the backend menu)
Can you provide the latest version of this component?

Producer of the component said: Contact your template provider to send you the latest version of the Slider

Can you help me. All solutions point to the latest version...
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Uninature PT
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Joomla 3 Product

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