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I entered a new Browser Page Title, but the same title of Farming remains. What am I missing to change this?

How is the green bar at the top of the page removed?

Thank you.

Just purchased template. Having problems updating to current version of Joomla. Template is now at 3.1 as of April 2013.

When it checks for updates, it tells me that Joomla 3.27 is the current one to update to. When I do the site crashes/show a blank screen.

Had to reinstall.

The current version of Joomla is 3.4 but it will not allow this version to install properly without crashing.

How do I remove the Powered by name in the footer?

Yes, this is something I thought I knew. Is it with the Template Manager > uninature > options > then it says Warp Branding (No/Yes) Show the Warp branding? I've had it on "No" but it still appears.
Under the footer position I only have my copyright notice, terms and privacy statements. There is nothing else within the contents.
Providing the link to the site will show this posting on search results. Is there a way to email you the link?
Thank you. I sent the link.

How do I change the background image?


If this template comes with preset background patterns and colors, where on the back-end can I locate them?

Thanks for your help.
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Uninature PT
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