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Hello My name is olivier,

I just tried to install the file using Joomla 3.3.6.
When I clicked on the buttom "upload and install" in the extension manager menu, nothing happens.
And I checked le template manager, the Uninature Template does not appear anywhere??

What can I do? to install this quickstart file
I would like to use the uninature template on joomla like it is in the DEMO on your Website.
I am not enough familiar with Joomla, so i need to have the mimimum of things to do in the template to create my own website.

Thanks for your answer

Hope really soon

Olivier Garcia
Hello Again,

I just Bought the Item Uninature yesterday evening with my company WonderpoolCreation in France.
mail adress

I just paid with my own paypal accompt.

So please help me

I followed some advices in internet telling me to replace the joomla file in the www serveur with the quick start file
I reach the installation screen but as soon as I tape next step (step2) nothing happens, the screen is bloqued in the middle and i can't do anything else except reboot the localhost...;

thanks for your help

And sorry for my english

Olivier Garcia

hello Again


I use a localhost... at this moment of my work.
I plan to send my datas on an online server at the end.

can you help me anyway?
I just tried another thing in front of the install screen of joomla and a message told me : your request has been refused because she had an invalid security mark. please refresh the page and try again"

i tried to refresh but still nothing.

i can't reach the second install page "data" step2.

if you want to take a look at my computer, I have a little freeware "Log me in" that will allow you to control the machine directly....

please tell me, i am still at the office for 2 hours by now

olivier Garcia

Could you give me please your e-mail adress? I just have
I think it's not yours

olivier garcia
I found you on skype at dachi218 from Nairoby, i try to call you but you do not answer.
i will try again in few minutes

i hope we will be able to discuss slowly in english...
We are sorry, we do not see any purchased items under your account.

Regards, AS Team.
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Uninature PT
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