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I would like to customize the three links on the home page: "Linking hearts", "seasonal Greetings" and "christmas goodies"

please can you tell me where I can do this as well as can I change the pictures to use my own?

Thank you Dane
Thank you very much what are the names of the modules for the other two?
Thank you very much. I know need to edit the drop down menu which appears on the home and the about us page. What module controls that?
Hi, Sorry the module I found was main menu which controls the menu above the slide show on the home page. What I am looking for is next to the module module that controls the pictures "road to salvation" it is a module that drops down to show the contents of the paragraph. The title of the first one is "Maecenas eget arcu sapien" and it is a series of four. I want to edit the title and change the text.

I have been tried looking for it but cannot find it. Please Help.

I also need to Change the Module title for "Road to Salvation" found in the home page. and the "our Mission success" found in the ABout Us page.
Please can you tell where I can find the module to edit the "Our Mission Success" in the About page.

Thank you I found it - what about to edit the "Our Mission Success" Section in the "About Us" page - where can I edit or turn it off?
Thank you very much. Please can you tell me how to change the Icon that appears in the title tab on our browsers. I have been customizing the template and need to lastly change this.
Thank you - how do I edit the gallery??
Thank you so much - with you help the site I am building is coming out great! I now need to put in an online registration or booking for special retreats - do you have any extensions that can do this? I want it to list a lot of service that can be offered and then click to book for a session or assessment.
How do you edit the slide show on the home page so that it displays my own pictures?
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