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today I tried to install All Saints, but unfortunately I have to say, its my third (as-)template and its really more difficult than the two other I used before.

After installing the quickzip and using the Sample Data, there is no chance to activate Home Style 5 like the demo:

In the backend: Edit Style / Options / General or Profiles there is only default/home 2,3,4 but no home 5.
And in the frontend: If I choose Home/ HomeStyle5, no slideshow is shown.

How can I active Home Style 5 like in den demo?

(Its sad, that no quickzip containing Joomla 2.5 exists. I need to install sample data and so I was forced to install quickzip-Joomla 3.)

Thank you very much

the template All Saints contains two problems - these problems are in the demo-template too.
Please look the demo-template:

On the site "contact us" font-size is smaller! For example - compare the mainmenu with the other sites. First font-size is normal, after a short moment font-size is smaller.
Using Firebug I've found out - the size is going smaller during loading <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href=",400,500,700">.

Second problem: the backgroundimage is missing on site "contact us". On every site I can see a picture of sky. But where is it on the site "contact us"?

How can both problems be solved?

Thank you
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