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I'm sorry but I have not received any mail

Thank you

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I will use the new version of the quickstart, I set the permissions to 777 for the log file and tmp, I expected that during the installation of joomla you could install the sample data of the demo site, I am interested to install the demo because I find it easier to modify links and images. are not very practical.
You can kindly send me the installer of the complete quickstart as the demo?

Thank you

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because I've already done the installation and at the end he asked me to delete the installation folder after I created with the code provided by the joomla files configurations.php. I have not installed any sample files. if I install the sample files I install the demo model (pictures, link and more)? now I try

Thank you

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it work fine, is good templates.
Sorry but where is the link to change the "Wellcome Lyn Recipes" because i don't look..
Thank you

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