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You definitely have some problems with your database, the package from is not our package, the issue should be checked with hosting provider only.

Regards, AS Team.
Okay did everything correctly and then removed installation files by clicking on button remove files. go into extensions and then templates and your template is there but as soon as I click on it to go in and edit it I get this message.

An error has occurred.
500 Error loading form file
Return to Control Panel

Got to my website and see what you find.

can you email me instead of using this form every time.
Did you install the template sample data as described in the template documentation Finalization step?

We are sorry, the template support is available via the template support page only.

Regards, AS Team.
You have lost me now. I have decided to just forget about it. So frustrated. Money out the window. Thanks for trying.
Yes I am still at it. Joomla totally up to date. New in stall of template and it is there but will not work. Click on it and I get this.

An error occurred.

Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.

If you are the system administrator of this resource then you should check the error log for details.

Faithfully yours, OpenResty
I think I better give up. Error after error. No matter how far I get. Now totally installed and my website has a default Joomla template up. Can’t even open your template.
No Network Solutions says something to do with the Joomla I have been trying to install they have to go in and manually fix it tomorrow. At this point the site is down completley. I cannot even log into joomla admin. its like the domain is gone.Last error trying to just type in the address.

Fatal error: Cannot use Joomla\String\String as String because 'String' is a special class name in /data/24/3/49/54/3864380/user/4292825/htdocs/cichlids/libraries/vendor/joomla/registry/src/Format/Json.php on line 12
All I want is your template up and running exactly the way the demo one is then I can make all the changes from there . I cannot believe I have been over a week trying to get this installed and now everything is screwed.
I’m done. Last night my complete Hosting Package went down at Network Solutions because I had them upgrade the PHP figuring that was possibly the problem with your template. I was in panic mode but after an hour on the phone with them they got everything back running and the rest of my sites came back. Thanks for your help. Now I know not to buy a Joomla Template that has a QuickStart installation. What ever happened to a complete zipped file where you install it from your admin control panel in Joomla. I don’t think even paying your staff to install it will work and I cannot take any chances with all my sites going down. I will either try one from scratch or have a company build one for me.
I am back. I have looked into a lot of templates and they are all using this new quick start installation. I am going to run into the same problem not matter which template I purchase. So I figure I might as well stick with the one I have already paid for. You mentioned you have a service to install the complete template. Question is what happens if I pay for the service and you cannot get installed? It has to be installed in my hosting package with Network Solutions.
Are you able to install default Joomla package from website?
It should be from website only, not from any other and not from your hosting provider.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes I am totally up to date with version 3.915 I think it is. Just installed your template and did everything correct and no template has appeared. What about PHP? this could be the issue.
Sorry, we are asking if you can install default Joomla package from website?
It should be from website only, not from any other and not from your hosting provider.

Technical Joomla Requirements you can preview here:

Regards, AS Team.
I just received this error when I logged into the Joomla Control panel. This is the same error I received last Thursday night. I had Network Solutions upgrade my PHP and the rest of my sites I host all went down and I went into panic mode. Can you find out if your template will run on this version of PHP?

We have detected that your server is using PHP 5.3.29-pl0-gentoo which is obsolete and no longer receives official security updates by its developers. The Joomla! Project recommends upgrading your site to PHP 7.2 or later which will receive security updates at least until 2020-11-30. Please ask your host to make PHP 7.2 or a later version the default version for your site. If your host is already PHP 7.2 ready please enable PHP 7.2 on your site's root and 'administrator' directories – typically you can do this yourself through a tool in your hosting control panel, but it's best to ask your host if you are unsure.
The latest Joomla version will not run on 5.3.29. You have to ask your hosting to update it to 7.3

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for your input. I will check with Network Solutions but I think when they do that they have to update the package which I cannot have happen or I will be in the same position as last week with none of my sites up and going. I will let you know.
Just talked with Network Solutions and when they update the PHP it updates my entire Hosting Package. I cannot have that as the other two sites will go down again. I guess I am screwed. go looking for some free Joomla 2 template.
Free Joomla templates will not resolve your problem, you have to think about your hosting update.

Regards, AS Team.
End of April I will attempt to update all my sites to new joomla templates and then I can have Network solutions update my PHP file then I will try your template again then,
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