Bootstrap/grid problem AS Designing Template AS002058:

Hello, the float of the featured boxes isn't displaying correctly. At 1024px width and above it will show an margin between the boxes. That is correct. But if I decrease the window (or surf with an iPad) the margin between the featured boxes are disappearing. This looks bad. Also the h2-Headline (overflow).

Inbetween I modified the h2-tags (#featured-row .mod-newsflash h2) of the different media files for the different resolutions (320, 480, 768, 980 and 1024). But the problem with the margin of the boxes still remains. If I try to put some margin for each resolution for class="moduletable position-top", the complete content is screwed up.

Is this a bootstrap/grid problem? How can I fix this? Thanks for your help




p.s. how can I send you an screenshot?