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When I produce a site map, it references pages which i can't find in my Joomla admin, but which i can navigate to. e.g.

I don't want these sites to appear in the site map.
Hello MORPH01,
You have to look for these articles in your Joomla admin panel -> Content -> Articles page, or you can delete them from sitemap.xml file.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I had to restore my site from backup and had to redo the changes i made as per my post of 2015-05-25. The menus items are now showing vertically instead of horizontally. I couldn't see anything in settings to change this, can you advise please?
Hello MORPH01,
What is your site url please? Have you installed this template using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.
Originally yes. Try this page:
Hello MORPH01,
The template and the default Joomla menu do not have a css for the
featured row, you have to create it and add in the style.custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks. Can you suggest what i need to add to make this change? It appeared correctly when i first did it last year, so I don't know what has changed?
Hello MORPH01,
You have to create your own css as we suggested in the previous post.

Regards, AS Team.
If I knew how to do that I wouldn't have asked the question......
Hello MORPH01,
Sorry, it is impossible to learn you css and html, but you may ask for our customization services:

Regards, AS Team.
You have supplied this information in the past:

Hello MORPH01,
In the template's style.custom.css file please add the following class:

.moduletable li {
list-style-image: none;
margin-top: 20px;

Regards, AS Team.
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