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I would like to change the blue color of the header, the part before the content area. Where can I find in css please?
You can do it in the tmpl.default.css file in the following class:

#header-top-wrapper {
background-color: #172236;
background-image: url("../images/bg.header.shadow.png");
background-position: center top;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
z-index: 10000;

You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Mozilla or Opera Fireblug plugin:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks team, I have changed these lines a lot of times without results by I think the problem is I was using chrome and i won't use it anymore hehehe
If it happens only with one browser it means you have caching enabled in the browser, try to clear the cache and we believe everything will be OK.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi again Team,

What really happens is when I change something in css files on the web editor and I press Save, it looks like it was saved successfully, but when I refresh the webpage I cannot see the changes, in adittion, if I download by FTP the file I edited, the file is like before I made the changes. The template editor is not making my changes, however if I open with the editor the file I can see the changes but only on the editor, I'm frustrated.

Thanks again!
Sorry, the file is updated but is not charged on the website when I open the website, I only can see the changes if I install a firefox plugin for reload the css, but if I refresh the web I lose the changes again, horrible no?
What is your site url please, we have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
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