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Hi guys, great template.

One question:

At modulate "as-position-7" there is a "read more" button which does not make use of my german language joomla package. Where can I change the "read more" text to a german thing like "weiterlesen"?

Thanks and regards
Hello AUGUSTA11,
You have to edit it 'en-GB.tpl_as002057.ini' file which can be found on your server in 'language/en-GB/' folder, please find the following field and replace the value with yours:


Regards, AS Team.
Perfect thank you. One other thing I do not manage to find is as following: on my website ( there is an are that is separated into two text areas. It is the part where the left part is "wer wir sind" and the right part starts with "wir verstehen sie". And in between there are 4 icons. Where are theses icons?? I checked everything but was not able to find them.

Thanks for your support.
Hello AUGUSTA11,
These icons you can find in the template images folder, for example:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi guys, I have little trouble with "forward" buttons. As an example you can have a look at following page: I do not want to have the name of the site with the button text. Do you have an idea what I can do?

Currently the text of the button says:

but I just want to have: "MEHR..."..

Hello AUGUSTA11,
In your Joomla admin panel, in menu item options you have to change the parameter 'Show Title with Read More' to 'Hide'.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I have another small issue. It is about publishing date of an article. I want to add the publishing date of to a single article but unfortunately the basic configuration is not as expected in Germany.

Currently the format of per example 11th of February 2014 is: 14.02.11 (which is YY.MM.DD). But I need this example as following: 11.02.2014 (which should be DD.MM.YY).

Where can i change this configuration?

Thx in advance
Hello AUGUSTA11,
The date format parameters you can find in 'en-GB.tpl_as002057.ini' file which located in 'language/en-GB' folder, if you will have any problems with changing parameters please let us know.

Regards, AS Team.
thanks, I changed the config but there was no change. is there caching somewhere at database level? Or is there another language file?
Hello AUGUSTA11,
Can you please let us know what folders do you have in the 'languages' folder?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I have just one folder in the language folder:


I also have another language folder here:

it consists of zwo folders

what I can say is that the names of all months are displayed in german language. The only source - i know - where german months are stored is within the de-DE folder at /augusta11_consulting/templates/as002057/language
Hello AUGUSTA11,
Can you please provide us with an access to your server via cPanel or any other panel provided to you by your hosting provider for checking your Joomla installation, probably we will be able to help you with date formats, but we need the access.

Regards, AS Team.
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