Hello AStemplate,
I cant find the elements/modules/plugins which appeared in the demo, cant get my website it to look alike.
1. The social bar for exemple, is nowhere. I had to used one from another 3rd-party.
2. The slider provided is not working, i had to used one from another 3rd-party
3. The module under the slider is not provided with those fancy icons. I had to used one from another 3rd-party which is not great.
4. Same with rest content of the demo.
I manage only to configure AS Scroller and As menu. The rest parts are missing
My website is here : http://site.microsistem.ro/
Either you provide a full documentation of the template or offer a solution. Now is no diference than the free one. What i have i hd manage to do on the free one is the same in the one bought. Nothing different that i can notice. All the settings are the same. And modules provided from you either dont show up or are missing.