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Hi. How can I hide the content (featured articles) only on frontpage? Right now I don't have any featured articles, but there is an empty space threre. How to hide that space? Thank you
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.
It is a place for your page content area, in your case you have to add suffix to the featured page menu item and create appropriate css class which remove the spacing, it can be something like the following:

.body-home #content-row {
display: none;

The created css you have to put in the style.custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi. We have one problem. Hope you can help. We have the 4 news modules in the front page, like in the demo. And we would like to keep those modules. The problem is that, when we click on the 'Read More...' link, the article is displayed on the front page. We would link to show that article, in a new page on the site. How can we do that?

Thank you.
Regarding the news module question, we were able to solve the problem. Thank you.
Hi. We must have the newsletter module on main page. The problem is that when a user subscribe the newsletter, no message is displayed to inform the user that the subscription succeds.
What can we do?
Thank you.
Hi, we use a wrapper page on our site. The problem is that it shows too short (height). We have 'Automatic Height=No'. We set Height to 980, but no matter value we type, the height is always the same, and too short.
How can we change that?
Thank you.
Please check the following page, hope it will help you:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, the link you gave us about iframes:

doesn't solve our problem:

We have a Menu Item Type 'Iframe Wrapper'. The Iframe displays correctly when we click on that menu item. The problem is the height that is too short. No matter what height we put on the menu item wrapper configuration (Auto Width=No/Yes), it doesn't change anything. Maybe something on CSS ?

Other issue:

We need to have the newsletter module on the main page. The problem is that when a user subscribes, no message info is displayed. A message should appears to inform the user that the subscription was successful. In other pages it works.

Thank you.
If you interested you may ask for our customization service for checking the issue with iframe here:

Just checked the newsletters form, it is working on all pages, after subscription you can see the following message at the top of the page:
Mensagem A sua subscrição foi efetuada com sucesso

Regards, AS Team.

We can't add a captcha to the contact form.

We tried the re-captcha and others plugins, but no one works with this template. Can you help us?

Thank you.
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