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Hi Team, I would like in this template have the menu on the full wide visible . It should appear no social medias such example Facebook or Twitter there. Currently, the AS menu item 1 stops after about 75 % . I would like 100% visibility menu . Where can I customize ? Thanks for your help
You have just to put Bootstrap size, under the menu advanced option, to 12 instead 9.

Regards, AS Team.
I desperately need your help because I'm slow ch despair. I page! There I just create a page for a firefighter. The domain is only the transition :) I have the slider is set so that it will run only on the homepage. He also makes one exception. If I select "Einsätze" menu click it I get a list of accidents in recent weeks. The slider is off. But once I klick an insert (far right) appears this slider again. He does not charge correctness but I told the module: just the home page. I think the error is not easy. It's fight for hair .... Please have a look at the times, because I know no answer. I would be happy to make you an account.
Sorry, not quite understand the problem, do you need to have the slider working only on the home page? Is it correct?

Regards, AS Team.
The problem is that the slider, although it is on display on, running on a specific category. But he should not. He may appear on the home page but not suddenly under individual contributions
It is because the Letzter Einsatz page opens on the Home, you can see that Home menu button is selected, has red color. In your case you have to create a menu item for the Letzter Einsatz article or category.

Regards, AS Team.
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