I bought 002063 this morning, I installed it using the quickstart and it all seemed to install OK.

I then uploaded the extensions but two if them

gave me a warning

JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /home/islaevansco/public_html/tmp/install_547dcf6dafb42/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_articles_single.ini

JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /home/islaevansco/public_html/tmp/install_547dcfca7604b/en-GB.mod_news_pro_gk4.ini

I played around with it for a while and totally removed the Joomla installation from the server. I did a manual install and again it seems OK

Again 6 of the 8 extensions install fine but the same two extensions give the same error message.

Although I'm a novice at Joomla I have done other installations without issue but I'm struggling with this. My only though is that the files are faulty.

Any ideas.


Alan Brown