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Hi had purchased this template 2 years ago and and just payed for support on this template. I am having an issue where I can't save or modify my articles. When i save i get a 404 page?? What is going on... my client is not happy about this and wants to have this issue solved so he can update his website. Am I asking for support in the wrong section? I'm used to submitting tickets for support.
Hello J27DESIGN,
When you started to receive the error message? Have you updated Joomla or made some changes on the server? Did you check the server logs? What error messages do you see in the log?

Regards, AS Team.
It started happening recently. The client finally decided to finish his website that was on hold for over a year. The behavior also happens with plugins. I've never seen anything like this before.

I can give you admin access (privately) so you can see the behavior for yourself. Right now i'm stuck not being able to update anyting on the website. :-(

error Logs are not showing anything
Hello J27DESIGN,
We think some files during the Joomla update was corrupted,
our suggestion is to download the full Joomla package from website and override all files on your server, please do not forget about backup.

Regards, AS Team.
Just tried that now and still the same issue...
Help I'm really stuck here and don't want ot start the whole website over! Can you guys go have a look with admin access? Any other suggestions?
Hello J27DESIGN,
Try to install default joomla package to some demo folder and check it, probably you do not have enough permissions on your server.

Regards, AS Team.
I have the production version still working properly on another server... Now that you mention that, the issues seem to be happening since i moved the website to it's final hosting. But they are both on hostpapa. What can I do to fix this? I can't leave the website on the production account.
Hello J27DESIGN,
You have to check your server configuration settings even your site published on the same hosting.

Regards, AS Team.
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