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Looks like I will need your help in solving my issue after all. I tried to solve it alone, so as not to start paying for hosting yet, but to no avail. I uploaded my site to a host.

I'll remind you of my issue. I want the Login module to appear in as-position-15 in all pages except register and login, but, the module positions are wrong in the Contact Us Form. I added ?tp=1 and confirmed it. Positions 15 and 16 are where 22 goes and 22 appears where 15 and 16 go. The Contact Us link is in the top menu. You'll see that the system is placing the Login module under the component, when it should be to its right like in every other page. I'll send you my domain and the admin panel access info through the Special info area under my Purchased items section of my AS account, like you said in an earlier post. Thanks in advance!
We do not see any info yet under the Special info area.

Regards, AS Team.
oops! Pressed on the wrong Save button. Should be there now. Thanks!!
It seems you made a lot of changes in the template source code, please restore everything to the original after that we will be able to help you.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi ASTeam! I did as you asked and I restored the original index.php file and the original includes/includes.php file. Now my site is back to the original problem which is that the form pages (such as contact us, register and login) do not have the module positions 10, 11, 15 and 16. How can I get these positions "enabled" for forms just like they are enabled for any other page. This thread has been going on since 2015-4-14 so please, before you answer, check the thread out so that you don't have me do something I have already done. The site URL as well as your super user credentials are available on the special info space under My Purchased items. Thanks in advance!
We did some changes in the includes.php file, but your contact form still looks not good, it means you made some changes in some css files or other files, please check all files. Better is to replace all files, except the includes.php, with original files, you can download the latest version from your AS account and upload all files on your server via FTP.
Your site should looks like the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
HI! I installed fresh template files along with your modified includes.php file in my localhost and the problem is still there. I can't roll back all my changes because that would be starting over again. Any other thoughts or ideas you can give me on where to look for the cause of this problem that only happens on the single contact page with form? I can't help but notice that the demo page you gave me has the login module on the left sidebar (position 10 or 11), not on the right one which is where I want it (positions 15 or 16). Is that because those positions cannot be made to work with the contact form? I can't do something that has been really helpful which is adding ?tp=1 on that demo page...
We moved to the right side in position 15, checked with 3 to 6 bootstrap column size and it still working:

Regards, AS Team.
I continue to struggle with this problem and a thought just occurred to me, are you guys running the demo cited in your last reply in joomla 3.3.6? I just saw a thread about missing modules (not my exact problem) and they attributed it to joomla 3.4.1. That guy solved it by downgrading again to 3.3.6 (which I don't know how to do, but will research) I did the upgrade to 3.4.1 very early in my development process... could this be it? is your demo on 3.3.6?
For security reasons we are always using the latest Joomla version, the Joomla version on our demo preview page is 3.4.1.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi guys! I made a huge breakthrough with this problem (I think). This morning I woke up with 2 ideas to try and get insight into this mind bending problem I am facing. I remind you my problem is that I can't get the module positions in the right place on the contact us page of my website. On that page only, positions 15 and 16 are showing where position 22 goes and vice versa 22 shows where 15 and 16 go. 15 and 16 are right sidebars, and 22 goes under the main content, and it works well on all my pages except the contact us page and I can't figure out why. You guys explained that the positions around the main content are disabled by default on forms, so I enabled them and now they show on forms, but the placement issue with those 3 positions on the contact us page still happens. So, this morning I did the following:

1. I changed the template to Beez 3 and re-assigned the module positions to fit those of that template. Guess what: The problem still happens.

2. I did a fresh install of your quickstart and left it with Joomla 3.3.6, that is, I did not immediately upgrade the Joomla to 3.4.1 (which is what I have been doing). Guess what: The problem DOES NOT happen. Contact Us looks perfect.

From this I conclude that the problem isn't the template but rather something breaks when you upgrade to Joomla 3.4.1.

Now, yesterday you guys told me your demo is running on 3.4.1, and you got the module positions correctly placed on the demo contact us page. That makes me think that you must have run into this same issue when you upgraded the demo. This is probably a lot to ask, and you might not even remember what you did, but, I have to ask given the amount of time I have spent trying to solve this...could you guys share with me how you got all positions to work right after the Joomla 3.4.1 upgrade. Thanks if you can, thanks also if you can't. You have helped me a lot already.
Another thought. Do you guys have a more recent version of the AS002071 template than the one available for download in My Purchased Items? Maybe I can fix my problem and move on, with a newer version (although this seems unlikely since I purchased it on March 5)...
Nope... I was wrong... It just occurred to me to go ahead and upgrade the joomla 3.3.6 site to 3.4.1 to see if the problem showed up in order to confirm this is an upgrade issue, but, when I did this, the module positions in the contact us page continued to be correct, so, my theory that this was caused by the joomla 3.4.1 upgrade is shot... Back to the drawing board...
We just released an updated which included some bug fixes and as well an option to publish modules on pages with forms, it is also updated with quick-start package for Joomla version 3.4.1.
If you interested you can download it from your AS account and reinstall.

Regards, AS Team.
Will do! Thanks!
OMG!!! I fixed it! You will probably not need this info, since only a crazy person like myself would be so obstinate so as to want to fix an issue like this, instead of simply using other module positions... However, in case it comes up, the problem was in the default.php file inside templates/as002071/html/com_contact/contact. This file had an extra </div> tag at the very end. I deleted it and the page works!!! I'm gonna get soooo drunk now! JK!!
Hi everyone! I just published my website on my domain,, and just noticed that the AS Slider that comes with this template does not show the slide caption when the site is viewed on an iphone. I can see the image has been made smaller, but the caption is gone. Any way to fix this? Thanks!
It is because mobile device does not have enough space for caption, you can enable it by removing the following class from the
'/templates/as002071/css/media.768.css' file:

display: none;

Regards, AS Team.
HELP!!! I commented those classes out, and there was no change. Then I deleted them from the file altogether and the slider stopped working. Now it will not bring the images up. The little circle just keeps going round and round. Then I placed back the original media.768 file from another install I had, and it still has not fixed the slider... You can see this at help!
Never mind, the slider is working again. However, I need clarification on the fix you suggested to get the caption to show on smartphones, because neither commenting out the classes nor deleting them worked...
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