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Question regarding the AS Carousel:
Looks like the autoplay function and the pagination does not work. Second background images (defined in the article) are not showing up in the carousel.
What is your site url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.
URL is, I can provide log in data if necessary as well. And yes, installed it using quickstart setup.
Another question: on the first page (Home) the scroll up button (in blue) does not appear at all.....
Thanks for your assistance.
Thank you for noticing about the issue with carousel extension, just fixed it, you can download the latest version from your AS account and install it over the existing, you can find it in the extensions folder, file name 'mod_as_carousel.v1.1.'

The Back to top button is working on all other pages, it means you have installed some extension which makes jQuery conflict and as result the Back to top feature stopped to work, try to disable one-by-one all recently installed extensions.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you, carousel is working now. As for the blue "Back to Top" button;
It disappears if the global settings gets switched to "URL rewrite". The htaccess has been enabled, but maybe there is a special setting necessary inside the htaccess file?
Appreciate your answer
Best regards and thanks again for your help
We are sorry, it will not work with this option.

Regards, AS Team.
Good morning AS Template Team

got a question regarding the extension "mod_as_sequence_slider.v1". Not sure but since the last update the articles are not sliding anymore on the intro site. I changed the image size to 1920, so quite big?
What is your site url please we have to see it in case to help you.

Regards, AS Team.
URL is, I can provide log in data if necessary as well...installed it using quickstart setup.

Thank you so much

Yes, please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel. The access info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Once the site is ready I will announce the official URL, the one listed above is temporary.
You have disabled slider images in the AS Lazy Load plugin, the Include Images parameter should be set to NO.

Regards, AS Team.
My goodness, you are right. i am sorry for that mistake, that parameter was not clear for me.
Thank you so much :-)
Question regarding mod_as_carousel & font awesome images:
In demo the caption of articles has been filled with e.g. fa fa-briefcase.
I this get's exchanged against any other icon , e.g. fa fa-money the carousel gets far so good.
Browsing for the artcile itself still shows the fa fa-briefcase icon and I am not able to change that somewhere.
Can you give me a hint what else needs to be changed in order to get the icon displayed inside the article?
Thanks so much for your effort
The icon for carousel you have to change in an appropriate article please see under Images and Links tab Caption parameter, for example you can set it to "fa fa-university"
In the article the icon can be changed by editing article source code, as an example please look for the following code and change "fa fa-university"
<div class="services-ico fa fa-university"><img src="images/sampledata/asimages/blank.gif" alt="" /></div>

Regards, AS Team.
Found and changed it, thank you so much. I spend hours to search for this little issue, working as expected now.
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