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I bought this template and have tried to install quick start 4 times and it does not work.
It is a new site install the instructions do not say create an empty DB first, however I got Db errors when I asked my host they said you need to make an empty DB delete all the files and start over them so I did. I then uploaded the files again and extracted them. I got into the set up file and to the site but it was a plain Joomla install with no 002070 template or extensions. I tried to upload the template right to Joomla, even though I should not have to, and it errors saying the template existed, I checked in the host files and it was there but it does not show up in Joomla templates or under manage files.
I deleted all files, deleted the DB , created a new DB, re up loaded the files. extracted them cleared cache and now all I get is a 404 error. I can't even get to the Joomla set up page.So this quick start has wasted 2 days..... I am not impressed.
Hello MYERSW99,
It seems you forgot to install sample data during the Finalization step of quick-start package installation, details information regarding how to install the package you can find here:

Our suggestion is to reinstall the package one more time, please do not forget to install sample data.

Regards, AS Team.
I did not forget the sample data, this was the first Joomla install I included it to be able to figure how and where to change image text etc. Since there is no real documentation. The issue was your instructions were in correct for the path to get to the installation window. or in my case is incorrect it must be You should fix your quick start instructions.
Hello MYERSW99,
We do not know and can not know where are you going to install your Joomla, the path is for demo purposes only and it says 'might look like this'

It is because most of developers prefer to install the package in some demo folder, make all necessary changes and then move it in root folder.

Regards, AS Team.
Now that I have it running How do I put my logo in above the menu instead of the web site title with 3 orange letter and the rest in white?

Is there setting other then CSS to change the Orange color?

Is there setting other then CSS to change the text color of the titles displayed? Such as "WE ARE LEADERS" being white limits to only having dark images???

Hello MYERSW99,
The template mainly designed to have text logo, but using the template Layout parameters -> Logo settings you may to put your image instead the text.

All colors can be changed by editing css files only, you can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Mozilla or Opera Fireblug plugin:

Regards, AS Team.
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