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1. i want to show a modul with costum html on all sites at position "as-contacts" or "as copyright" but i only works on "Home" not on the other sites. The Menu Assignment are settings to all sites.
On the postion "as content top" ist works on all sites, but not on the position ""as-contacts" or "as copyright"
Can you help me or who can i have content on the footer at all sites.
My site:

2. Where can i change the settings of footers with own text
Hello SZO1951,
1. Can you please let us know what we have to see in 'as-content-top' and 'as-copyright' positions? Probably we will need an access to your Joomla admin panel, the info please put in the specail info area under your purchased items section of your AS account.
2. Which settings you need to change in the footer please?

Regards, AS Team.

i want to get a small menue or a single article with "Impressum, Datenschutz, Kontakt, AGB" because in German it must be clickable by one klick.
I want to have it at the footer, not in the Main-Menue but it don´t work on all sites.
When i have in the Main Menue a menu item "single article" it don´t works, when i have a menu item "a category articles it works.

I want in the footer on all sites "self- configure option" or a possibility to take informations in the footer on all sites.

Hello SZO1951,
We checked your site, Shop page, there is no text because the article Leerer Beitrag is empty, it doesn't contain any content.

For any customization requests and adding any options which are not included in the template please contact our services via the following page:

Regards, AS Team.

that is correct, but "Leerer Beitrag" are dummies with empty content.

But i have a modul with content that don´t work on the sites name "Shop" usw...
Why don´t the modul don´t work on all sites...
Hello SZO1951,
The as-contacts position is designed for forms, like in our demo preview,
the option was disabled, you can use it for custom html modules as well.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello in my Website is a menu item selected black but is don´t a "Home"-Menu-Item.

The Home ist hidden in a shadow menu.
I don´t now why it is.
it should not be pre-selected menu item.

The url is in My Purchased Items

Can you help me...
Hello SZO1951,
What is your home page? Is it under Der Gyrocopter?

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, "Der Gyrocopter" ist not home. Home is hidden in a shadow menu.
Hello SZO1951,
For checking this issue we need an access to your Joomla admin panel. The info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.

access to the joomla admin panel is unter the special info area.

Pleace check it.


an we have a problem with the sequenze slider.

We have 3 slides as articles in a category.

With autoplay it shows only 2 slides, but we have 3 slides in the category.

Number of articles we have entered 3.

it works only two slides but at the navigation we have 3, why is it so?
Hello SZO1951,
Sorry, we can't login, please check username and password.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello SZO1951,
You have unpublished AS Lazy Load plugin in your Joomla admin panel, this template is based on some scripts from this plugin, that is a reason why the slider is not working.
It seems you installed this template without quick-start installation package or deleted everything after the installation, the menu should work just fine, we tested it on our demo server.

Our suggestion is to install it using quick-start installation package, after installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview page and it will be easy for you to make changes in the content, preview all parameters and settings. The quick-start package is actually the template documentation. If by some reason you can't install it on your live server you can install on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings.
The package should be installed like regular Joomla installation.

Regards, AS Team.

Most of the problems have now been removed .
Unfortunately, we still have a little problem with the slider .
The slider does not pass through completely , but remains the second slider are . Although there 3 Slider / articles are created . Lazy Load is enabled .
Can you perhaps look again in the backend.

Hello SZO1951,
In the AS Lazy Load plugin under Excluded Images you have to put file names without extension.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you very much!!

i habe a problem, because the logo links not to home-Startseite. What is the problem? How can I fix it?
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