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My English is not very good. Sorry.

I bought the template LT Tea.

My problem is that in the mode "responsive design" the menu does not appear.
Here in your demo version the icon on the top right visible as a menu icon, if one makes the browser window narrowed or selects the view for smartphone and tablet.

I load the template in my test environment, this icon appears only when wider side representations. On the smartphone or tablet menu is not visible.

Where should I change so that the icon for the menu on the smartphone or tablet is visible or in a very narrow view of the browser window?

I already have a website almost done for a client. Therefore helps me a description of where I have to make these changes more likely.

Download the corrected template I would use in addition.

Please write me at the email:
Hello LTHEME :)


Please send me instructions on how to change, so that I can transfer them to my clients. Best please contact via email:

Follow this link to see a screenshot, where the menu is no longer visible:

Is it possible that you could simultaneously make a change here in the slideshow (photos) remains visible even when narrower views?

Thank you,
It works. Thanks for the very quick fix! :)
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