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I'm experiencing problems when scrolling with a mouse through the pages of sites made with this template.
When using an 'external' (let's say 'old fashioned') mouse, you can't scroll down moving the wheel of the mouse. Any other way to scroll down (touch pad, arrows, scroll bar, ...) work fine. And aparently this is only an issue in Google Chrome.
Same problem with similar template 2083.
(No, there is no problem with the mouse :-) )
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.
Sorry, we do not see any issue with a mouse scrolling, the is only a problem with ToTop button in Chrome browser, but the issue was resolved in the latest template version:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I have an issue on the homepage of
The content in position as-content1 is not showing anymore, while it is still there (as you can see when you scroll the screen with a mouse). Module type is articles newsflash advanced.
Same goes for the content in as-content2, which is a menu.
Everything has always shown fine, until now.
Same problem on site (which is built with template 2083).
It seems you deleted some javascript functionality or javascipt files, please download the latest package from your AS account and replace all files from the template js folder, as well you have to replace template's index.php file.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, indeed this file jquery.simplr.smoothscroll.stellar.modernizr.min.js was disabled, since it caused that the site doesn't scroll in Google Chrome. Enabling the file solves the issue I mentioned yesterday, but now again the site doesn't scroll anymore in Chrome... How to fix this please?
Problem solved, commented out this part in index.php:

jQuery(function($) {
if (!Modernizr.touch) {
$.srSmoothscroll({ease: 'easeOutQuart'});
$.stellar({responsive: true,horizontalScrolling: false});
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